Security Acess Keycards

At the beginning of the game, the keycards were the normal SCPF keycards. They were later modified in order to fit with TRF theme. There are a total of six keycards in the game.

Level-1 Acess Keycard (Yellow)

Level-2 Acess Keycard (Dark Yellow)

Level-3 Acess Keycard (Orange)

Level-4 Acess Keycard (Dark Orange)

Level-5 Acess Keycard (Crimson)

Level-6 Administrator All Acess Keycard (Dark Blue)

The Administrator All Acess Keycard is only given to the members of TRF Administration. The firsts and current two owners of this keycard are naschemaa, the chairman and CEO of the TRF, and NineFuriousFox, the vice-chairman of the TRF and TRF designer.

If you don't know how the acess keycards work, please go on Rules and Importants Informations page :

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