Rules And Important Informations

This game is based on SCP: CB by Undertow Games.

1. Useful Links

1.1. Game link (Roblox)

1.2. TRF Wiki

1.3 SCP: CB Game

1.4 SCP: CB Wiki

Theses pages are the officials pages of the SCP: The Fault experience

2. Access Cards Levels

Every team has Level to access to differents zones (Light Containment Zone/Heavy Containment Zone/Entrance Zone)
Team Level
Class-D L-0
Local Security Forces (LSF) L-2
Site Security Squads (SSS) L-3
Scientist (ScD) L-3
Intelligence Agency (IA) L-5
Medical Team L-3
Janitorial Team L-1
Internal Security Department L-4
Ethics Committee L-5
TRF Admin (L-6)

3. Teams

Use the team section on top to see more about a team:


Hold the mouse on "Teams" to see the scrolling menu.

4. Jobs

  • Site Director/Facility Director
  • Ethics Commitee Member
  • HCZ Zone Manager
  • LCZ Zone Manager
  • EZ Zone Manager
  • Security Guard
  • Researcher
  • Janitor
  • CD Staff

5. Site Administators

There are two current site administrators (naschemaa and furiouskiller-038).


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